Long Distance Sex Tips For Couples

If you are currently in a long-distance relationship and you want to keep the romance turned on, here are few tips that will help you keep the relationship alive and avoid the painful mistakes some men make in long-distance relationships.

Tip #1: Stay Intimate And Playful With Her

Before having hot long-distance sex, it’s important to go back to basics and make sure that the love is still vibrating between you two, here are some tips that can help with that.

Talk About Your Future Dreams

Being in an LDR is the best time to discuss your dreams and expectations for the future, something about the distance makes it much more easy to do.

And when you build a dream together, you begin to see a bigger reason to stay together, and that makes the relationship stronger.

Send Each Other Sweet Presents

It does not have to be big or expensive, in fact, usually, the small things spark the most intimacy.

When you buy your spouse something small but special, you make them realize that you are thinking about them, and that makes them think about you more.

Play Games With Each Other

Did you ever try to do Truth Or Dare over Skype? If not then prepare to get naked fast!

There are other games you can play on Skype or on other online platforms with each other. Just find what you both like and play it, it’s that simple.

Regularly Come Up With New Ideas

Remember that the key is to keep it fun and intimate, that’s what makes the relationship stronger, and when it’s stronger the LDR sex becomes that much better…

So come up with your own ideas, I’m sure you can find a lot of cool ideas online, and you just got 3 epic ideas from me to try.

Now let’s move to the next tips and get one step sexier….

Tip #2: Use Sexting To Keep The Sexual Tensions Alive

Sexting just means sending sexy texts via SMS or Whatsapp, and there is an entire art to Sexting that can be learned and mastered.

Doing sexting on a regular basis will help you both remember that you are in a sexually committed relationship and that you are not two people that just talk on Skype about the day they had.

Sexting will help you stay sexually attracted to each other and will make you desire each other more (for free).

Want to learn how to start?

5 Ideas For Sexy Text Messages

  • Ask what she is wearing right now.
  • Ask her if she would like to play a game tonight.
  • State a fact “Me, you, Skype tonight”.
  • Tell her that you felt aroused today when you thought about her
  • “If only you could read my thoughts right now…”

You can even send each other sexy selfies of yourself that you make on the spot!

All you have to do is make sure your texts suggest something sexual that can arouse her mind to think about sex, it’s that simple.

Tip #3: Learn To Enjoy Orgasmic Skype Sex Together

There is nothing better after a long day of work than to hear her sexy moans, especially if it’s because you turned her on and now she touches herself while imagining you.

There is no one correct way to have sex on Skype, just like there isn’t any correct way to make love when you are physically together.

So take it slowly and keep it comfortable for her, that’s how you get the best and most enjoyable results when it comes to making love on Skype.

In other words, don’t push her into things she isn’t ready to do yet.

Some women (and men) don’t feel ok with being naked on camera even if it’s just the two of you, and no one will ever see it (not 100% guaranteed).

I think that the idea is clear! Use Skype in a sexy way with each other, and add to it the webcam if you feel ok with that.

My tip would be to get a really good long-distance sex toy and allow your partner takes care of your orgasm. Because by giving her the control, she will feel that she’s capable of taking care of your sexual cravings.

Here are few more important things to remember:

Keep It Calm and Private – Find an occasion when both of you are in solitude and aren’t in any hurry. This will help you relax and enjoy the session in a stress-free way.

Start With Foreplay – The same as in physical lovemaking, start with getting mentally and emotionally aroused before you move to the physical act (AKA: make her wet first).

Build It Up Slowly – Make her feel good about her body, complimenting her and getting her to slowly undress first. Do what you need to do to help her relax and feel comfortable on the webcam.

Orgasm Together – Be there for each other until you both orgasm and be there for the “after sex talk” that most women love so much.

Keep It Romantic And Sexy – Ask her to wear some sexy lingerie for you, and try to use candles, music, and subdued light.

I don’t advocate having Skype sex too frequently because unlike real-life sex, it can get boring very fast. But if you combine some remote-controlled sex toys for couples with your Skype sex, the experience gets so much better and you can enjoy it much more frequently.

Notice: If she does not feel ok with being on Camera you can still enjoy her voice on Skype, let her open up to the idea in a conferable and nonpushy way. And whichever way you do you Skype sex, remember to have fun!

Tip #4: Use Long Distance Relationship Sex Toys

People tend to think that sex toys are only used by people who are single, but that’s simply not true.

Sex toys can be used by anyone regardless of gender, relationship status, or sexual orientation. Think about it! Most guys still masturbate even when they are in a relationship (sometimes maybe more!) so why wouldn’t you allow yourself to do so with products to enhance your pleasure?

Sex toys aren’t out to replace a partner, it’s about simulation, not simulation. Besides, maybe your partner might want to watch or even join in!

That’s a great place to introduce couples / interactive toys in, and one of the best tips for this is to shop together. It’s a great way to get those creative juices flowing.

LDR sex toys for couples are nothing like your regular vibrators and dildos, LDR sex toys are designed to unite your masturbation into one epic orgasmic dance.

Providing you with the closest thing to having sex with her despite the distance.

There are many new cool sex toys that you can try during your LDR, and new toys are being developed each year, but I want to share with you here some of my favorite toys…

Tip #5: Keep the love you make online private and protected!

Safer sex isn’t just about STD prevention, but how you can make any and all sex acts as safe as possible. When playing online with strangers, there are a few things you always want to do to protect yourself.

Don’t Give Out Your Personal Information Online

That means be careful about sharing your address, any financial info, passwords, and more.

Remember That What You Give Could Be Shared

If you send nudes online, be careful that it’s not something that might be shared on a blog or recorded on another device. If you find your photos have been shared, report it.

PracticeGood communication

This isn’t just important for in-person encounters. Even when online with someone you need to be clear and direct and consent. Ask someone if you can send a picture before sending one. Let someone know what you’re looking for because you don’t want to rub someone the wrong way while you’re trying to rub yourself off.

Vibrating Love
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