First Time Tips

The Ultimate First Time Sex Tips For Men That Will Make You Look Like You Did It Before

Having sex for the first time can be super fun or it can be a stressful experience. We hope that the information you’ll discover in this guild will help you have a fun experience.

First Focus On Your Sexual Mindset And Not On Getting Laid

The first thing that any guy needs to understand when he becomes sexually active is that:

🤪 Sex Should Be Fun And Not Stressful!

If you will approach sex with stress you’ll experience erection issues, premature ejaculation and she will enjoy the sex with you much less, so first of all work on your sexual mindset mastery before you try to get laid and embarrass yourself.

👩🏻 Women love sex just as much as men!

Women love sex but they hate it when you try to push it on them and they even hate to feel like you have this “hidden agenda” to have sex with them.

Women can feel it when all you try is to get them to have sex with you, that is because from the age of 16-18 women have to deal with guys that want to get them into bed, while they (the women) are looking for a relationship worthy guy, so…

🧠So Start By Rewire Your Sexual Beliefs First

What should you do for you to become a better lover for your woman?

When it comes to becoming a better lover, most men think about new sex positions and new techniques.

While this is fine to some extent they are just part of the things that you need to become a better lover.

The most important thing is to learn how to dominate and talk dirty while making love. Apart from this, you also need to look at your sexual beliefs as the first step towards being a better lover.

The foundation of your house is your sexual beliefs hence they must be strong and solid for you to enjoy your sex life. If you have bad beliefs, you will always be struggling to become a better lover. Unfortunately, most men have very bad beliefs that hinder them from becoming the best lovers. But what are some of the beliefs? Some of the worst sex beliefs include:

  • It’s hard for women to have an orgasm.
  • The size of the penis matters a lot when making love.
  • If you last long you will satisfy your woman.
  • Women are only good for sex.
  • You can only give a woman an orgasm through clitoris stimulation.
  • Men must do things in exchange for sex.
  • Women do not like sex.


If you have such believes you are likely to fail as a sexual partner.

For instance, if you believe that the size is important, you will feel inadequate when it comes to satisfying your woman. You might also bore your woman with by lasting long with a belief that you are satisfying her. By believing these, you are trying to erect a house on a weak foundation.

Contrary to the beliefs, it’s very easy to give your woman countless orgasms. If you believe this, you will find an easy way to ensure that this becomes reality.

Likewise, if you believe that it’s your work to give a woman pleasure you will do everything to make this a reality.

If you are honest enough and accept that you do not know everything you can always learn some of the best ways to satisfy your woman and make them feel good. Instead of being arrogant, you will be confident when handling a woman. You should also believe that as a man it’s your absolute role to always take control.

This will eventually make it easy to satisfy your woman and enable her to get multiple orgasms. One of the best ways to boost a woman’s sex drive is to treat her well when you are out of the bedroom so that you can give her immense pleasure when you finally get inside.

Your sexual beliefs will help you shape the interactions that you have with women. Since some people feel bad about their beliefs they rarely talk about them. However, failing to talk about these beliefs is a big mistake since you will just be preventing yourself from becoming a great lover.

If you want to become a better lover it’s very important to rewire your beliefs and think positively about sex. By doing this, you will not only please your partner but you will also feel good.

😏 Any Recommended Sex Positions?

If you want to satisfy your woman there are only three sex positions that you must master. While men like to experiment with different sex positions thinking that they will please their women, this is not important.

Women also like to try out different positions thinking that they will get satisfied but this is should not be the case. As a man, there are only three sex positions that you need to know namely the missionary, the girl on top and the doggy style. ou can master these then you are good to go.

But feel free to play and experiment, for example…

When having sex using the mission position you can change the position such that you have her legs over your shoulders. By doing this, you will provide different positions for you and your woman and you will enjoy even more.

More so, when doing it the doggy style you can either stand or ensure that both of you are on your knees on the edge of the bed. More so if she is climbing on top there are many positions that you can assume to ensure that both of you enjoy having sex. You can spin her around to give you a good view of her ass.

Some more tips…

Take control – As a man, it’s important to take control of your woman and lead her during sex. Since she wants you to take control, make sure that you are sexually dominant. You will not only feel the pleasure but also make her feel very special.

Whisper sexy things – Women usually feel good when you are whispering sexy things into their ears. When you are talking “dirty” you are interacting both with her mind and her body hence stimulating her even more. This is one of the best tricks that you can use to give her multiple orgasms.

Keep her guessing – While doing this, always keep her guessing. Avoid doing the same things over and over again. Make sure you vary these 3 different sex positions and anything you can think of to ensure that your encounter remains fresh and exciting.

Be naughty – It’s also very important to be a little naughty and even make it dirty if you want to be a great lover to your partner. While your woman might not say so, she probably wants to be with someone who is naughty.

🙇‍♂️ Two Videos That May Help You

The first tip would be to use a condom, here is how to use a condom right:

🍆 Learn How To Use A Condom

And other than that, you should expect to ejaculate really fast, so here is the video that will teach you how to last longer the first time you have sex:

💦 Learn About Ejaculation Control

⛔ 5 Things to Avoid When Making Love

As we all know, sex is one of those high rewards and high-risk situations. It can go so wrong, incredible, leading to penis fracture, defective condoms, gonorrhea, amongst many others. At the point where you are about having sexual intercourse with a woman, turning her off or getting her out of her mood for sex is the last thing any man would want to do.

It is of no doubt that most men are unaware of those things they do wrong in bed, and that is the reason why I want to share some of those bad habits most men do in bed that can ruin their sexual experience as well as that of their partner. This is no doubt an area of life where most men are shy to talk about, so I am here to help you out.

Helping you become a better man also means helping you become a better lover, and in that sense, I want to make sure you are aware of these mistakes so as to avoid them during sex. Here are some mistakes or mishaps that can turn your night of hot sex to a nightmare, carefully follow these sex expert tips on things you should never do when you are in the middle of getting laid.

❌ Lack of kissing During Sex

This may be hard to believe, but about 65% of men find it hard kissing their partner during sex, and this is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid during sex. Why don’t these men kiss? This could be because the sex position does not allow it, nonetheless, I highly recommend that you always kiss your woman whenever you are inside her.

❌ Letting Her Do All The Work

This sex position (woman on top) is a position for sexual power for women, but that does not mean you should just act dead. She still needs an engaged sex mate even when she’s in control. Most women do not really know what they are doing on top because they are used to the man being on top, this implies that lying still can make her feel a little directionless.

It can make a woman self-conscious asking self-questions like “what is he expecting me to do right now?” If you really like the idea of her leading, it is not compulsory you thrust but at least you can make some sort of physical contact such as; caressing her backside, grabbing her butt or even touching her breasts.

❌ Attacking Her Clitoris

Clitoris obliteration does not make an orgasm happen faster. I have discovered that most men think only about the clitoris and tend to focus on it, but they forget it is highly sensitive and does not need to be jackhammered or focused on solely. Most times women will shift their partner’s finger aside or shift a little bit because it is getting too sensitive.

I recommend you start by stroking her clitoris very slowly and let her body tell you when it’s time to try another move instead of starting with a very high-speed stimulation.

❌ Staying Quiet The Entire Time

Obviously, you will love to hear it whenever your partner is having a good time during sexual intercourse, she can do this by moaning. So you also have to follow suit by paying her the same respect by letting her know you are enjoying yourself, something as simple as moaning or probably saying things like “that feels so good” would definitely educate, encourage and give them a better understanding of your moan zones. Avoid being quite as this may make her feel you are not having a good time or make the whole sex session boring.

❌ Using Oil-Based Lube With Latex Condoms

Not using the proper lubrication can lead to some serious pain in her and may lead to her being hospitalized or kept in an emergency room especially when it involves anal sex. Not all lubes are made equally. Do not use an oil-based including natural lubricants like coconut oil or olive if you are using latex condoms.

I discovered it is not a good mix as they can break down the latex making the condom ineffective. I advise you to use water or silicone-based lubricant when using condoms.

Avoiding these above-mentioned bad habits during sex can go a long way in giving you the best sexual experience you can ever have. So what are you waiting for? Give yourself another chance to right your wrongs by having sex with your partner today.

👉👌 Final Tip: Give Her an Orgasm Before Intercourse

For about 80% of women today, mere intercourse won’t make them reach orgasm, this is because most sex positions do not directly stimulate the clitoris. There are a lot of other ways I would love to share with you that can pleasure her. Women easily get an orgasm much more consistently from oral sex than intercourse.

You can also try sex using a vibrator made for couples, or the woman on top position during sex. Men shouldn’t feel threatened but rather comfortable with the use of sex toys during sex. In order to make her get on a high note easily spend more time on oral sex before making a vagina penetration.

Make sure she desperately want your penis inside of her before you make an entrance, that way she can easily reach an orgasm. The closer women are when intercourse starts, the closer they are to achieving an orgasm.

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