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How To Finger A Girl Like A Pro 👉👌

The most important lesson is this: before you finger a girl give her oral sex or rub her pussy until she is super wet, and only then start fingering. Some people regard Fingering as a lost art of sex because many men are awful at it these days, mostly because no one is teaching it and because they lake the patience to please their girl while they don’t feel any sexual arousal himself. But don’t worry because if you are reading this, it means that you want to learn how to finger your girl like a pro. This guide will help you learn how to finger a girl like a pro tonight in six simple steps.

Cut your nails, It all starts here

If you have long nails, you want to have those nails trimmed. Mainly because you don’t want to scratch her with those long nails, it will be painful and may even lead to bleeding.

Remember that if you just scratched her vagina and caused her pain, she will lose all the sexual arousal that you’ve built. On top of that and as basic as it is, make sure your hands are clean before you stick your fingers in her, because none clean hands can cause inflammation (trust me, you don’t want that).

Don’t just poke her with your fingers

Don’t confuse your penis with your fingers. I know It’s called “finger banging”, but it does not mean you have to put your fingers in and out none stop like you do with your penis when you make love. The most important thing to understand is that the most pleasurable area of the female vagina is the clitoris – rub it gently until the pussy is super wet and only then start putting your fingers into her.

And all the time keep giving attention to the clitoris – the is the key to amazing fingering! Your finger has a unique flexibility to them that allows moving them in and out, up and down, sideways and rotationally around their vagina and vulva. As little as those fingers are, you can take her on an expedition with them. So use them to your advantage in a creative way.

The perfect fingering position

There are many different positions that are suitable for fingering. However, most men finger their women when they lay on their back, but you’ve probably already tried that before, so I won’t ever explain it. Instead, let me tell you about a position that you’ve probably never tried before.

The next time you finger her just put your hand on the bed and tell her to lay on your fingers in such a way that she will be able to finger herself with your hand by moving her body while your hand stays at the same spot without moving. Not only it will be a great fingering experience for her, but you will also get to learn from watching exactly how she likes to be fingered by you without even asking her.

Use both hands

Most men forget to use that other hand when they are fingering, but it’s a big mistake they make because they try to lay on their stomach while they finger. Don’t do this lazy men’s mistake the next time you finger your girl, ok? Instead get into a position that allows you to use both of your hands and use the “other hand” to stimulate her other body parts or even rub her clitoris with your finger gently while you finger her.

You can use your “extra hand” now to touch her boobs or run it on her hair, that way you are killing two birds with one stone simultaneously. Once you will try using your second hand you will understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Don’t follow a particular fingering pattern

Who says you cannot diversify when it comes to fingering a woman? In fact, a specific fingering pattern that you do non-stop will not do the trick for her, because it’s boring! So make sure you switch between different moves, pay attention to how she reacts to those moves and remember then moves the worked the best and repeat them on the next round a bit more until she orgasms.

A final word about how to finger a girl

Fingering can be a lot of fun for her and for you when you do it with love. And now that you learned the best 5 tips about how to finger like a pro you are ready to surprise her with your hands like you’ve never done before.

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