The Truth About Safe Penis Enlargement
In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the right way to enlarge your penis. I wrote this guide to tell you the truth that you need to know about male enhancement, so just read it before you buy stuff that promises to make your penis bigger and you’ll be good to go.

Anyone can make his dick bigger, however, what most people won’t tell you is that it takes about 6 months to see permanent and lasting results and you can get those results for free by using nothing but your hands.

Everything You Must Know Before You Begin Pumping and Stretching You Penis

Penis Enlargement Methods That Really Work
There are few ways to do it right and many ways to do it wrong, there are a lot of scams and miss information out there but still, the fact remains that penis enlargement is definitely is a possibility you can explore if you want to.

Here’s what I recommend:

Manual training: Specifically Jelqs Stretches and Squeezes
Device training: Specifically Pumping and using Extenders

Here is the truth about penis extender, pumps, and other devices:

You can get amazing results by using your hands 100% for free, but if you use the right devices you can enjoy 3 benefits that you can’t get just by using your hands:

Free Your Hands to Free Time – Doing it manually 100% of the time means you need to use your hands and that means you can’t go make food or be on the computer, but if you use a penis extender, for example, you can even go around the house while doing active enlargement.

Get Better And Faster Results – Using an extender or a pump allows you to train for more time every day because it frees your hands, the pressure and vacuum those devices apply on the penis combined with manual training will give you better results compared to just doing manual training.

Achieve Extra Lenght and Girth – Regardless if you use a pump or an extender, they will both help you gain more length and girth, but If you want to focus on getting more girth you’ll need to use a penis pump, but if you want to make it longer use an extender.

We recommend using this extender with a tested enlargement routine, trust me, I’ve done my research and it’s the best penis enlargement device on the market.

🏁 Start By Measuring Your Real Size
Before you start investing time and money into making it bigger, you first need to know it’s real size so that you’ll be able to tell scientifically if you are getting results or not.

As much as men are obsessed with their penis size, only a small percentage of them ever measured their penis size, and even a smaller percentage know their exact size because they measured it right.

The rest just assume that they a penis size below or above average, but this is not good enough if you plan to start a male enhancement routine and you want to see results, so here is a simple guide on how to measure your penis size the right way.

Things you will need: You will need a big piece of paper, a ruler or a measuring tape, a pencil or pen, a piece of string and a calculator.

There are three things that you need to measure if you want to determine your exact penis size:

Penis Length
Penis Girth
Penis Diameter

Be honest here, did you ever measure those 3 things? I think probably not!

Step #1: Measuring Your Penis Length
Make sure your penis is fully erect (you can make use lube or sexy media).
Use the paper in such a way that your penis base and the paper’s base are aligned.
Make a marking on the paper at the exact spot where your penis ends with a pencil or a pen.
Then take a measurement on paper using a ruler or a measuring tape, from the base of the paper to the marking to find out how long your penis is – Step #1 is Done!
Step #2: Measuring Your Penis Girth
Make sure your penis is fully erect again.
Then find the part where your erect penis is the thickest (with every man is different).
Gently tie once a piece of string around it and mark the string at the point where the end of the string meets the string.
After this, straighten the marked string alongside the measuring tape or the ruler, the points where the string begins from and the point where the marking is.
The result is the accurate measurement of your girth.
Step #3: Measuring Your Penis Diameter
The last step is simply because it’s based on the 2nd step of measuring your girth, and now that you know what is the size of your penis girth just divide it by 3.14 (Use the calculator).

The answer you get is the exact diameter of your penis.

What Is An Average Penis Size Anyway?
The average national penis size is:

Length – 5.5” to 6.3.”
Girth – 4.5” to 5.1.”
Diameter – 1.4” to 1.6.”
If you are below average, do not be sad!

There are several methods you can use to increase your size and make it above average.

Remember: The first thing that you would want to do before even starting to enlarge your penis is to make sure you measure your penis before you start with the process, that is so you could follow your progress.

And also remember, when it comes to having pleasing sex, it’s more about how you use it and less about the size of it, so relax.

Side Effects Of Enlargement You Should Know About
The best way to avoid injuries is to prevent them in the first place, and we recommend that you do it with a coach that is an expert on this subject.

If you already got sore, you can use Heat & Cold Compresses to speed the healing of your penis by alternating the hot and cold compresses pads in one-minute rotations for 10 minutes, then just let your penis rest until it’s back to normal.

To prevent soreness, make sure to decrease the tension setting in your extender and/or the vacuum strength in your pump and/or the duration of the workout.

If you use a penis extender, soreness in the glans area could mean the micro-vacuum part might be too tight or the tension used in the extender is too extreme for your penis.

Lasting redness
It can develop on the parts of your penis where the device makes contact with it, that’s why it’s VITAL you keep a close eye on your penis and take fairly frequent breaks when you’re getting used to wearing the device.

It might occur with the micro vacuum portion of the device if it’s left on at abnormally high tension setting for long periods. Small blisters should dissipate on their own, while larger ones might need to be drained. You shouldn’t train if you have any evidence of blistering.

Stretch marks
Are very often seen in cases of rapid growth. There are many new creams that purport to be able to eliminate stretch marks, but often a good vitamin E-Creams combined with Cocoa Butter used after training will supply the sensitive skin of the penis with the moisture and nutrients it needs to recover, lighten stretch marks and even prevent them from developing.

Soft Erections
This is another important thing to keep in mind because as your penis grows you’ll need to be able to provide the same proportion of blood flow and control in order to maintain the same degree of potency, so you may need to combine erection strengthening training with your routine.

One Last Thing Before You start
The warm-up helps to drive tissue temperature up and increases the flexibility of the tissues involved, which helps to reduce injury and makes training more productive.
The warm down helps to keep tissues expanded longer and improve blood flow and to speed healing.
A warm-up / warm down can be performed by ensuring the penis is warmed at a few degrees above body temperature for 5 to7 minutes. Less than that, and you might not get all of the necessary benefits. More than that and you can induce tissue exhaustion.

The warming can be accomplished by soaking in a hot tub, applying hot wraps in the form of towels, using a heating pad or “rice sock”, or even a heating lamp. What’s important is you ensure the temperature isn’t too high and you take care not to burn the sensitive skin of the penis.

A “cool down” is warranted after a particularly intense training session or if you’re sore. You can facilitate a cool down by alternating heat and cold for one minute each, for ten minutes total.

“My tip would be to give yourself a day to just play with it!”
The first few training sessions should be spent being acquainted with device learning just how to attach it, and how much tension and time should be used.

For example, if you choose to use a penis extender, your first session should be just to wear the device at its lowest tension setting and if you use a penis pump do it with the lowes level of vacuum that still holds to your body.

You can do it anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes, but make sure to see how the penis feels because that’s how you develop the awareness you’ll need later on to prevent injuries.

It’s imperative you test the device before wearing – not only to ensure you apply it directly but also to make sure you can start using the device in a safe manner. If your penis is in extremely poor shape, certain measures (mentioned later) will need to be taken to ensure you condition yourself enough to be able to wear the device without serious risk of injury.

A test day will also be used when you’re attempting to upgrade to a higher tension setting. You’d test the new tension setting for 30-60 minutes then make an observation as to how your penis reacts in order to determine if it would be productive for you to proceed. If your penis felt fine or invigorated, the increase should be OK. If you note exhaustion or soreness, that’s a good sign you should stick with a lighter tension setting- for now.

The full routine will consist of several components. Please make sure you follow the right routine.

So you just read this guide that told you about all the ways to enlarge your penis, but do you know what to do next to actually see results 3 months from now? How dedicated are you to making your penis bigger? Do you even still want to make it bigger after reading the truth about penis enlargement?

After conducting extensive research about penis extenders, we have compiled a list of our Top 10 Best Penis Extenders.

To compile the list, we have factored in safety, comfort, effectiveness (based on results), FDA approval, and a host of other elements.

Extra Bonus: The Best Manual Exercise That You Can Do Using Only 100% Your Hands
The word “jelq” has its origins rooted in an Arabian procedure that has been around for more than 200 years. Its etymological meaning is closely related to “milking” given the technique used to execute it. More specifically, the way you place your hand is analogous to how you place your hand on the tits as you milk a cow. Realistically and based on empirical evidence, you can gain at least one inch of girth and one inch in length. Results vary from one individual to the next.

If you are consistently doing the exercise and doing it properly, you can realistically surpass expectations. The basic jelq increases the flow of blood to the Corpora Cavernosa. Done right, the rate of flow of blood to the tissues increases and, noticeably, the size increases and the erections get harder.

Warming up Before Jelqing
Before you get stretching, a warm-up routine is crucial. After you are done with the exercise, cooling down will do you a world of good. So, before you start jelqing, a 5 to 10-minute warm-up will help you prepare the blood vessels and get you ready for the exercise. You can do one or a combination of the following warm-up activities to prime you for jelqing:

#1 Using a hot sock that is filled with rice on the penis

#2 Using a penis pump in the shower prior to the procedure. A good example is the Bathmate pump

#3 Taking a warm shower prior to the exercise

#4 Wrapping a warm piece of fabric around the penis

#5 Applying a heating pad

The idea is to warm up the tissues by increasing the temperature, albeit moderately. Next up, how to do the exercise correctly.

After you are done warming up…

Step 1: Apply Lube
You need to lubricate your penis to avoid making it sore as you conduct the exercise. Petroleum jelly or a helping of a good water-based lube should suffice. Spread it evenly and generously. Chafing is undesirable and it can cause injury. It’s always good to avoid that.

Step 2: Get your penis semi-erect
Assuming a comfortable posture (preferably standing), get yourself semi-erect (around 50-80% hardness). If your penis is flaccid, there will not be enough blood to perform the exercise. If it is too hard, it may become difficult to master the correct form, especially for a beginner.

Step 3: Grip the penis
Wrap the base of the penis with the thumb and index finger, forming an OK-gesture with the hand. This means that the palm is facing the pubic area. Grip firmly but not too tight.

Step 4: Jelq the penis
Applying a reasonable amount of pressure, move the hand towards the head of the penis. The process should take 2 to 3 seconds. You are literally squeezing the blood towards the head of the penis as if you are “milking” it. Now, stop just before you reach the glans (or head) of the penis. That’s one rep.

Step 5: Do a couple of reps
If you are beginning, your focus should be more towards assuming the right form rather than doing more reps. As one hand reaches the base of the glans, your other hand should have assumed the position at the base of the penis, ready to do a jelq. Start with a small number of reps as a beginner, gradually increasing them with time. A session can last 5 minutes at a go.

Step 6: Cooling down
Jiggle your penis up and down when you finish jelqing. It helps you cool down.

The 6-week Challenge
The cardinal rule of this challenge is to jelq once a day, on the appointed days. The procedure should be done 3 days per week for beginners and 5 days per week for experienced guys.

#1 Week one (three days): One session for 5 minutes, 100 reps.

#2 Week two (three days): Two sessions for 5 minutes each, 100 reps each.

#3 Week three (three days): Three sessions for 5 minutes each, 100 reps each.

#4 Week four (four days): Three sessions for 5 minutes each, 100 reps each.

#5 Week five (four days): Two sessions of 10 minutes each, 200 reps each.

#6 Week four (four days): Two sessions of 10 minutes each, 300 reps each.

Carry out this procedure consistently for a few months and the results will come. Be patient with yourself to avoid getting carried away.

Other Versions of Jelqing
There are other variations by which you can conduct the exercise to achieve the same results:

The one hand method: You are to use one hand to perform the exercise rather than alternating both hands. Do a ULI at the base of the penis for each stroke. I would not advise you to do this if you are a beginner.

The V method: This method involves applying pressure to the sides of the penis. You should make a V shape with the index and middle finger, palm facing pubic area. The motion of the hand is normally outwards.

The Side Jelq: Used to correct curvature. Done against the inclination of the curvature.

The Mini-jelq: It is done on one side to strengthen the weaker side of the penis.

Is There Any Jelqing Equipment?
You don’t need equipment to do the exercise. However, there are tools you can buy to aid in doing the perfect exercise. They include:

The Side Stretcher: It stretches the side ligaments of the penis. The side ligaments are difficult to stretch using the hands making this tool a valuable addition to your dresser.

Underside Transporter: This tool is used to isolate the tissues of the penis in the underside chamber. It helps move the cells towards the tip where they add to the length of the penis.

Super Penis Stretcher: This tool works on the suspensory ligaments of the penis to increase size.

The Cell Multiplier: It is a multiplier tool that prepares the penile tissues for transport by other devices. It is more of a warm-up tool to be used before jelqing.

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