Anal Tips For Avoiding Unnecessary Pain

Warning – Raw Anal My Result in Unnecessary Pain and Infections 🍆🍑💦X

A large percentage of men would fancy having anal sex once in a while, but only a small percentage of them know how to make anal sex enjoyable for her. And it’s super important that you learn how to make anal sex less painful and more pleasurable for her if you want her to be up for it. In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to do it right.

Step #1: Have a Discussion About It With Her

The craving for anal sex does not come naturally to women as the natural craving for vaginal sex, but still, many women want to try anal at some point in their life.

So if you want her to try anal with you, you just need to communicate that sexual desire and talk about it with her.

If she never tried It before, you are probably going to talk with her first about the myths and misconceptions she may have in her mind about anal sex.

Usually, it will be the question of “does anal sex hurt” or not?

The truth is that it hurts like hell if you don’t do it right, and it can be a pain-free and even an orgasmic experience for her if you know how to do it right!

And it’s your job to convince her that you know how to do it right.

You’ll also need to assure her that at any point she can stop that act, this will build the trust between you two, and she will be more willing to do it.

The sum it up, different couples will have a different conversation, but if she will feel safe and you will convince her that you want to try it out and it may even be enjoyable for her, there is no reason she would not give it a shot.

Step #2: Clean Up Her Ass Before Sex

One important thing to remember about anal sex is that it’s a very delicate type of sex that requires a lot of patience and preparation (there is no quickie anal sex).

So after she agreed to try it with you, the next step would be to clean everything that your dick is going to touch during the intercourse, because you don’t want your dick to get covered with shit (even if you use a condom).

Tell her that on top of taking a long shower and washing the anus after taking a long dump, it’s recommended to do an anal cleansing. Anal cleansing products are affordable, easy to use, painless and 100% safe (you may want to buy it for her).

Anal cleansing products wash the “ass tunnel” by pushing water in with pressure into the “ass tunnel”, and then you just carp the water out with poo remains.

By repeating this process a couple of time until she craps clean water, you get a “shit free ass” ready for clean anal sex.

Many men think that if they use a condom, they don’t need to use a cleansing product, but I still recommend using it because you don’t want to pull your dick out and have the room smelling like shit because the condom is covered with shit.

Step #3: Warm Her Up With Foreplay

Just like regular sex, when it comes to anal sex, you want her to be in the mood for action before you go for her ass (read more about foreplay here).

Only after you get her in the mood (and maybe even do some vaginal sex first), you can start giving her butt some massaging with your fingers or a vibrator.

This will help her anus relax, and that makes the first penetration easier for you.

If you feel that her anus is tight, just tell her to relax (repeat this process if needed).

Step #4: Get Your Lube Ready

Unlike the vagina, the ass does not produce any natural lubrication. And you can’t stick your dick into a dry asshole without causing her pain, that’s why you have to use a lot of lubrication.

Start with lubrication her anus well and let the lube drip into her ass be spreading her anus while she is laying on her stomach.

And just after it’s well lubricated you may go to the next step.

Step #5: Insert Your Tiniest Finger

Make sure that your nails are trimmed well because if you have long nails, you will cause her pain and sometimes even injury.

Push your finger in slowly and steadily, because if you thrust your finger fast without allowing the anus to spread you’ll ruin it.

Just imagine that her asshole is yours, and stick your finger like you would want someone else to stick a finger in your ass.

Note: If you never tried pushing your finger into your ass, start by doing it, because it will give you a lot of insight on how anal sex feels and how slow you should do it when you just warm her for anal sex (really recommended action step).

Step #6: Don’t Enter Her Without Her Knowledge

Forget what you see in porn.
Because in porn you see people go from vaginal sex to anal sex in no time, what you don’t see is the hours that the porn star spends with a butt plug in her ass before shooting this video.

And take into consideration that porn stars had a lot of anal sex before so they are ready to receive a dick hard after the right preparation.

If your partner never had anal sex before, then you want to forget everything you learned from porn and go slow and gentle with her.

Step #7: Put Your Penis Inside Slowly

After you followed all the step and you feel that you can easily insert your finger into her ass, just add another finger until both of them are easily moving up and down her ass (3-4 cm deep). Don’t forget to use more lube occasionally, because you want her entire ass tunnel slippery before you put your dick in (trust me on that).

So after everything is wide and well lubricated, start with pushing the head of your penis, go 1-3 cm in and out until it starts getting in easily.

But before you go any deeper ask her if everything is OK, and if you can go deeper.

If she gives you an OK, put it 1cm deeper and pull it slowly out but not all the way out, then go one more cm deeper and repeat the process with each thrust you make until your entire penis is in her ass.

That’s it, you are now having clean and pain-free anal sex (assuming you followed the steps), now it’s for you to do whatever you want. Because now her ass is already fully excepting of your penis.

But still don’t go crazy, doing it too hard or too fast even at this point may still hurt her. always be aware of how she feels.

So always be aware of how she feels during the entire intercourse.

Step #8: After You Ejaculate In Her Ass

If you used a condom just throw it away and go pee and wash your dick as you do after sex. If you didn’t use a condom don’t wait and just go wash your penis immediately and pee as much as you can, if you don’t do it you may get an infection.

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