Do Penis Extenders Really Work?

You shouldn’t just take my word for it unless there are scientific studies that investigate this matter. I would also trust empirical results over mere opinions.

But science is on my side on this one. Two studies have been conducted to determine whether penis extenders change the size of the penis.

The first study was conducted to investigate whether penis extenders increase the length and girth of the penis. The sample population was a group of patients who had the condition of shortened penises.

At the beginning of the experiment, they had their penises measured by medical professionals both in the flaccid and erect state. Therefore, the data would be more accurate than if they were merely asked to report on their measurements.

They were instructed to wear the extenders for 4-6 hours every day for the initial 2 weeks and then 9 hours every day after that until they had worn the extenders for 3 months. After one month and three months, the penile girths and lengths of the patients were measured.

At the end of the research exercise, the flaccid and erect penises increased in length. The average subject witnessed a 1.5 cm increase.

The second study was also carried out to establish whether a penis extender can be used to treat the “short penis” condition. The test subjects were required to wear a penis extender for 4 hours every day for 6 months.

Measurements were done at the beginning of the experiment, after one month, three months, and at the end (six months).

After 6 months, there was a significant lengthening of the penis. On average, the patients gained 2.3 cm for the flaccid penis and 1.7 cm for the erect penis. At the end of the study, the patients were generally satisfied with the penis extender.

The conclusion made was that penis extenders are less invasive and largely effective at making the penis bigger.

How Do They Work?

Now that we know that the Penis extenders work, how exactly do they make a penis bigger? There is a scientific explanation behind it.

When a penis extender applies constant but gentle tensile forces to the penis, the penile tissues get stretched. The stretched tissue cells divide through a process called cytokinesis. As a result of this process, individual cells split into two thus increasing the number of tissue cells in the penile tissue.

The process occurs gradually with small changes being realized over time. It is natural with no side effects. In fact, it is used in other fields of medicine as well as cultural traditions that have lasted generations.

For example, it is used to increase the length of the neck by women in some cultures where longer necks are a sign of beauty. It is also used to lengthen limbs and to grow skin in grafting procedures.

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