The Best Penis Enlargement Device Can Buy Online

Having a small penis is an issue that many men deal with all around the world, and this issue leads many many of them to look for the best penis extender that they can get.

Ironically, the best way to enlarge your penis is by doing it manually with your hands.

But if you use only your hands to make your penis bigger you will waste a lot of time.

Because you will have to focus on stretching your penis and you will not be able to do anything else while you stretch it. Another big drawback of manual stretching is a lack of precision concerning the amount of tension used while stretching.

It takes good memory and a heightened feel for the level of tension being used to make any relative increases in intensity possible, and aside from this there’s no set gauge of force to use.

However, with penis extenders, you can rest assured of exactly how much tension is being applied because of the clearly marked levels of tension settings outlined (usually situated at the base of the device).

So if you want to save a lot of time and enlarge your penis while doing other productive things, you should consider getting a good extender that will allow you to stretch your penis hands free.

And remember the process of making your penis bigger can take a long time, so if you want to go about it the smart way you should consider getting yourself the best penis extender for your needs.

What Is a Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a male enhancement device used for elongating the male penis by stretching it while you are doing your daily activities (it’s 100% hands-free).

And unlike other solutions that claim to help with penis enlargement, penis extenders have been scientifically proven to increase the length and even the circumference of the penis.

According to researchers, using a penis extender for six months for 4-6 hours each day can increase the penis size by 32% on average.

According to researchers carried out by a team from the San Giovanni Batista hospital and the study carried out by the Canadian Journal of Phalloplasty.

They took men with an average flaccid penis length of 2.82 inches and average fully erect penis length at 3.79 inches and they let them use a penis extender for 4-6 hours each day over a period of six months.

After the 12 months, they measured their penis size again, and it was discovered that their average flaccid penis increased in length to 3.72 inches (32% increase), and their average erect penis increased to 4.45 inches (18% increase).

At the end of the research, they came to the conclusion that:

“Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft in patients seeking treatment for a short penis.”

Needless to say that those extenders are also proven to be safe for use and safe for your overall penis health. On top of that, it’s also been proven that they help reduce penile curvature. Overall it’s pretty clear that penis extender can help you a lot with your male enhancement training.

How Penis Extenders Works?

The penis extender is worn on the penis in such a way that stretches the penis by pushing the base of the penis while holding the head of the penis (two-way stretching).

As a result of this stretching, the cells of the penis are signaled to go through a process of division and multiplication and that what makes the penis grow over time (assuming you use the extender regularly).

It’s much like lifting weight at the gym, the more you signal the cells in a specific area to divide (be it by stretching or lifting weights), the bigger and stronger this specific area becomes because the cells in this area go through a process of division.

And in the long run, using a good extender leads to a natural increase in penis size and stronger erections, exactly like the effect of going to the gym every day for few months.

There are many penis extenders on the market today. However, there are few extenders that stand out from the rest by the quality, comfort, price and customer support.

Personally, I love the only the Phallosan device because of the quality and how it feels on the penis, but it’s very expensive ($339): Read Our Full Phallosan Review

Another good device you may consider to use it the pump, men from all over the world use penis pump for two main reasons, for penis enlargement, and for erectile dysfunction treatment. But regardless of what reason you want to use a pump for, it’s critically important that you choose the right pump for you, and this guide will help choose the right pump for your goals within your budget.

And if you buy a penis pump without getting this education first you are risking your penis health because a lot of the pumps that are sold today on the Internet can harm your penis, especially when they are not used the right way.

Overall in this guide, you are going to learn what are penis pumps, how they work, how to choose the right one for you, what is the best way to use it and much more.

Originally, those pumps were designed to help men with erectile dysfunction, and until this day a lot of men from all over the world use those pumps as a cheap and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Only many years later it was discovered what with the right ‘exercise routine’, the usage of those pumps can result in permanent penile size increase, and in fact, today pumps are the most effective solution for penis girth increase.

But to understand how it works you first need to understand what it is, and any penis pump is basically made from transparent cylinder that you place your penis in, and after you place your penis in it, you start “pumping” and that removes the air from the cylinder, and that creates vacuum within the cylinder.

The vacuum within the cylinder creates the suction effect around the penis which expands the penile tissues, and it also creates increased blood flow to the penis, and from this simple pumping action come the two main benefit that men are looking to get when using a penis pump.

  • Penis enlargement method – As said, the vacuum within the cylinder stretches the skin tissue of the penis, which leads to penis enlargement if you do if for few months.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – As said, the vacuum within the cylinder increases blood flow to the penis, and that forces you to get a soft erection simply by pumping.

There are different types of penis pumps that can be divided into three categories:

  • The Electrical Pumps
  • Classic Hand Pumps
  • Water Hydro Pumps

Each one of them has a different method of creating the vacuum, and on top of that, they offer a different benefit regarding results and prices.

But Does Penis Pumping Truly Work?


There are a lot of different pumps that are sold online, and like other male enhancement products, some of them promise too much while some of them don’t work and in some cases can cause more harm than good, so let me tell you the truth about penile pumps.

And if you still wonder if penis pumping can work for you or not, I’ll tell you that it can work for you, but it all depends on two different factors that will determine if you’ll get the results you expect to get from your pump or not!

The Pump Quality Factor – like everything else in this world, the penis pumps are not created equal, and some are much better than others (10X better if you ask me), some are safer, and some are cheaper. You’ll need to work with the right pump for your goals if you want to achieve the best results that you can.

The Routine Quality Factor – If you have the best penis pump, but you don’t have a good routine to follow, don’t expect to see any significant results. To achieve your goals you need to consistently follow a good routine until you finish it and if you are not willing to follow a routine don’t expect to see any long-lasting results.

Penis Pump Vs. Penis Extender

A lot of men that want to enlarge their penis usually wonder if they should invest in a penis pump or in a penis extender, and I must say that penis extenders are great and they work just fine for penis enlargement.

However, there is some difference.

The pump is better than an extender for men who deal with erectile dysfunction while also wanting to enlarge their penis, however, if you don’t suffer from any kind of erectile dysfunction, the pump is still better then the penis extender if you want to gain penis girth in your overall enlargement process.

Penis pumping is, in my opinion, the best girth-targeted exercise, due to the expansion of the inner chambers of the penis, and a penis extender does not come close to this kind of girth gains (although they claimed to help with girth as well).

If your main focus is girth then definitely go for a pump, but if you don’t care about girth and you want to focus on penis length, then get yourself an extender instead.

Is There a Risk In Using a Penis Pump?

I could have just said that it’s a safe product, and you don’t have to worry, but If I said it I would be lying to you because any penis pump can lead to a penis injury, and I would like to use this section to speak a bit about safety.

The truth is the most of the male enhancement information out there is pure “Broscience” information, and some of this information can cause real damages to people who try implementing it, and one of those dangerous ideas is this:

“Pumping the penis for longer and at higher levels of vacuum will increase size faster!”

That is totally WRONG and dangerous information, and this kind of information is what leads to most of the injuries that are caused by pumping. You need to understand that penis pumping is effective only when done right, and doing pumping right starts with doing it in the safest way possible (which I’ll teach you in this guide).

But just so you know, when it comes to penis enlargement, the slow and methodical approach to penis pumping delivers much better results than the fast and forceful method. And on top of that, taking the slow and methodical approach is also the best way to keep it safe and avoid injuries, but here are few more tips that can help you keep the pumping even safer:

Four Safe Penis Pumping Principles

If you want to avoid injury when pumping and you want to enlarge your penis the safe way, simply pay attention the four following safety principles:

  • Never Do Over Pumping – I know it can be fun and exciting to add more vacuum to the pump and immediately see your dick getting bigger, but you need to remember that overpumping is the leading reason for pumping injury, and at the same time this is the easiest mistake to avoid.
  • Take a Lot of Breaks – It’s important to frequently release the pressure you’ve built up and let your penile tissue relax from the stretch and extending it’s been going through inside the tube. I would also recommend using the breaks to stretch and massage the penis.
  • Start Slowly Slowly – Especially if you are a beginner, start really slow and only do what feels comfortable to the body, beginners should not do more than 30 minutes of pumping each time and they should not do more than 2 sessions a day.
  • Follow a Good Routine – A good routine will give you the best gains you can get, but it’s also way to keeping the entire pumping process safe, because a good routine will guide you to increase the pumping time gradually and it will also force you to take some time off to let your penis tissue heal and be ready for more safe and effective pumping.

How to Choose The Right Penis Pump For You

Choosing the right pump is the key to safe and effective penis enlargement, and I would direct you to the best penis pumps in my mind, but just in case you want to get some different kind of pump, I want to give you here the fundamental things that you want to be looking for in a pump.

Transparent Cylinder – This is a very important element in any pump that you want to be able to use safely because if you can’t see your penis while pumping you may easily over-pump and harm your penis by doing it.

Choose The Right Size – It’s important the get the right cylinder size for your penis because getting a bigger cylinder than you need can lead to over-pumping that may lead to injury, so don’t go on buying the biggest pump size just because it looks cool.

Don’t Buy Cheap Pumps – There are countless of pumps you can buy online and most of them are made in China and they are very cheap, but just because you are getting a good price does not mean that you are getting a good deal because those cheap pumps are the most dangerous pumps you can get and I don’t think you should risk your penis health for few dollars.

Overall I prefer hydro pumps that use water vacuum instead of air vacuum, that is because it’s much more safe to use them (and I value to the safety of my penis). And secondly, if there is a pressure leak, it’s much easier to spot it and fix it when you use a water based pump.

What Is the Best Penis Pump?

Hydromax is probably one of the most sold male enhancement products on the market today, and it’s an upgraded version of the classic Bathmate pump.

That is definitely the product that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get the best penis pump.

But it also one of the more expensive pumps on the market, but I think the price worth the fact that it’s a much safer and more effective pump by far.

I suggest that you take few minutes to visit the official website of this pump and learn a little bit more about it now that you learned few things about penis pumps in this guide.

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