5 Facts You Probably Missed About Condoms

We heard this term quite often, even use it, but do we know all the things about it. Probably no. You can say what’s to know about it? I would say ask those 18 girls out of 100 who get pregnant just because their partner doesn’t know about it properly.

Using condom is probably not just about avoiding pregnancy, it is majorly about preventing STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) as well. There are many cases where condoms are used in wrong ways and then bizarre things follow.

This is why I am writing this post, just to make you aware of some of the facts associated with condoms and its usage. This information is kinda crucial for males at least. So, let’s get started and see what facts about condoms await you.

Condoms work perfectly only if it is used correctly

You might be thinking here that there are ways to use condoms!!! Yes, there are and these ways are really important. There are no hard and fast rules to use a condom but there are some wrong ways which you should avoid.

The below list is of those wrong ways which you must check before using:

  • Condoms can fail if you don’t use them whenever you feel hot and heavy.
  • If you unroll them before the use, it will fail you.
  • Open the wrapper with something sharp and it could cut the condom.
  • If you don’t squeeze the air out of the tip before putting them on it will definitely fail you.
  • The condom will fail if you don’t leave a little room at the tip.
  • This list can go on actually. But these are the most common mistakes we all can make. So, be an expert in using a condom and you’ll have no problem in preventing pregnancy or STDs.

Condoms are more effective than other birth control methods

There are many women who stop using condoms as they find another way to stop the pregnancy for a while. But very fewer people know that an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) can get hold of you by taking some time. So, Condoms can be very beneficial when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted infections.

If you’re using barrier methods that make use of spermicide, it becomes paramount to use a condom as the spermicide can irritate the vaginal line or other sensitive skin.

There are loads of options

Condoms come in different shape, size, and material. With this change, the method of use is also quite different.

I recommend observing the product you’re buying and then became an expert. There is few quick facts investigation about the types of condoms and the right way of their uses:

Latex Free Condoms – Almost all of the male condoms are made of latex and most of the people are not allergic to it. If your partner is allergic then there are alternatives for this type of condoms. These condoms are called Non-Latex or Latex Free Condoms.

Attached vibrating ring condoms –  This is just like a winning combination. Pleasure along side with safer sex.

Female Condoms – Female or internal condoms are generalized as uncomfortable and noisy in the past. However, now the scenario is changed as many newer model have been introduced which are less noisy and inexpensive.

Some of the pep talk says that female condoms are pretty much pleasurable for both men and women. If a male is having trouble in finding a condom of his size then this can be a perfect alternative or I reckon it is a more pleasurable alternative.

Condoms are not just for Vaginal sex

Many people actually think that Condoms are just for the protection of Sexually Transmitted Infections through vaginal sex. There are very fewer people who know that Condoms are not just for that and STIs don’t just spread through vaginal sex. It can spread through anal or oral sex.

Condoms also prevent STIs through anal and oral sex. Just as for anal, the couple needs to apply more lubricant to avoid painful friction. This will protect you from any type of STIs through anal.

Also, the condoms are also available in different kind of flavors. This is to make it useful for oral sex. As STI can spread orally so, using condoms in oral sex can definitely prevent it.

Lube is Condoms best friend

There are cases where due to latex condoms female feel a bit dry which can cause a lot of pain. To avoid such scenarios, you can use lubricants over the condoms. If you have a hard time to find lubricants in the medical or superstore than the internet is your friend. You can find that online and even order it without any trouble.

So, these are the top 5 facts that very fewer people know about condoms. Let’s have a quick recap and see what are the five facts about the condoms:

  • Condoms work perfectly only if it is used correctly.
  • Condoms are more effective if they are being used with other birth control methods.
  • There are loads of options.
  • Latex Free Condoms.
  • Attached vibrating ring condoms.
  • Female Condoms.
  • The Condoms are not just for Vaginal sex.
  • Lube is Condoms best friend.

I hope you like these facts and these facts may help you to enhance your sex life. If you have any thought then mention that in the comments section. Have a good day mate.

Author bio – Zoe Maria is an associate editor at Adult Toy Empire – an erotic adult toys store, catering to all tastes and fetishes, all preferences! Zoe will introduce you to very popular types of sex toys that are guaranteed to spice up your life, or just add some much-needed excitement to the bedroom!