Men’s Guide to Sex Lubes

Men’s Guide to Sex Lubes Lubricants are synonymous with sex toys because if you are using a male masturbator or almost any other sex toy for that matter, you are going to have to use lube. And for that reason, you should invest in reading this guide because you do not want to choose the […]

Jacked Squared – Does The Ultimate Sex Toy For Busy Men Really Exists?

Jacked Squared: Jack-Off As You Get Jacked Tired of not hitting your workout goals? Try Jacked², an accessory that jacks you off as you get your muscles jacked up. It ingeniously couples your workout equipment with a silicone sleeve to combine weight lifting with self-pleasure. Best Jacked² Exercises The Bonus Features In addition to […]

How to Get Sex Toys in South Korea – It’s Not As Easy As You Might Think!

How to Get Sex Toys in South Korea Just as sex toys have evolved dramatically over the past few decades, people’s attitudes have changed significantly as well. There has been a significant shift particularly in areas that we would traditionally consider conservative. For instance, we have seen how sales of real male sex dolls […]

Toys For Dogs That Hump Everything Around The House

Sex Toys For Dogs – Is This Thing Even Real? I know our focus here at Vibrating Love is usually squarely directed at human sexuality and sex toys for humans but today, I will be shifting focus to our furry friends; specifically dogs, their sex lives, and sex toys for dogs (I promise I am […]

Male Sex Dolls – Are Men Getting Replaced by Dolls In The Bedroom?

Male Sex Doll – Are They About To Replace Men? Before the 20th century, people were chastised for having a sex doll. It wasn’t until 1968 that people could legally buy sex dolls in the US. And even then, it had to be strictly mail order. Since then, sex dolls have evolved into realistic […]

Guide to Sex Robots – Can You Buy a Sex Robot Online In 2020?

Sex Robots – Are They About to Replace Women? The future of sex is here, find out how AI-enhanced sex robots are changing the scene In an age when artificial intelligence and robotics are making significant leaps, it’s only logical that sex robots are being developed faster than we ever thought possible. Robots are […]

Long Distance Sex Tips For Couples​

Long Distance Sex Tips

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