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Silicon Wives Molly

Best for men who want a sex doll with a Texan look

✅ Weighs 62 pounds (28kg) ✅ Her appearance can be customized Review

Best for buying body-safe sex dolls from a reputable brand

✅ Provided with  free shipping ✅ They offer great repair services ✅ They do refunds and replacements.
OVDoll Natalia

Best for men who want a full-sized, realistic heating sex doll

✅ She is customizable ✅ She is an intelligent silicone sex doll ✅ Has an anatomically correct vaginal structure
OVDoll Torsos Hip

Best for men who want the sex-doll experience but don't want to buy a full-sized doll

✅ Cheaper than a full-sized sex doll ✅ You can customize its appearance ✅ Takes up less space than a full-sized doll
Silicon Wives Raven

Best for men looking for a full-sized sex doll with a muscular body

✅ You can customize her appearance ✅ She is relatively cheap
Silicon Wives Anastasia

Best For Men who want a sinewy Russian girl

✅ She is relatively cheap ✅ You can customize her appearance
Silicon Wives Lana

Best for men who like oriental girls

✅ You can customize her appearance ✅ She has a small stature that is easier to handle
Silicon Wives Auburn

Best for men with a college girl fantasy

✅ She is made of platinum-cured TPE ✅ She is one of the most realistic dolls in the market
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