Guide to Porn Addiction

Endless erotic media is now available on our smartphone 24/7 for free available at the tip of your fingers.

Only a few decades ago, the most pleasurable sexual experience was having sex, but not anymore!

Today you have PornHub and endless other sites that offer you sexual release that feels good, VR is coming fast, and some guys even experiment and develop sex robots for a few years now.

I hope that you enjoy the video you are about to watch.

We made it with AJ because I think that too many men today derive more satisfaction from fapping to porn than they do from actually having sex themselves.

And we wish that some of them will find this video useful for people who want to master their sexuality and stop letting their sexuality manage them.

Everything Started with Printed Porn

The modern concept of “pornography” as we know it today began in 1860s. The Victorian era was the beginning of the first porn magazines and printed porn.

Printed porn was a total success since the beginning (Take the Play Boy magazines for example), and it continued to be a success until digital media became available to the masses.

When the audiovisual industry started taking off the pornography industry joined the ride. In the 70’s pornography started appearing on television, it started with short explicit videos that eventually became long movies.

At the age of videotapes, Pornography was a very big industry, and a lot of paid channels used to offer a variety of videos, but it was all about to change because the internet was becoming faster and cheaper with each passing year.

It wasn’t until the mid-’90s when people started to have internet in their houses, but it was very slow and expansive at first, so people consumed mainly images at the beginning, but the faster it becomes the more adult video websites started popping out.

Very low-quality images become HD images, and short simple videos have become long HD videos, and now we start to see 3D and interactive videos.

Who knows what will come next, but without a doubt, the latest advancement is Interactive VR Technology.

This is by far the most realistic and pleasant experience you can have with porn, and the best part is that when you are using those toys, you don’t have to even move a finger and thanks to VR, the flat “boring” videos turn into an amazing 3D experience.

The Truth About Porn Addiction

The digital age made sexual content available for anyone who has an internet connection and some interest in consuming it.

Sure it’s fun to watch, but did you ever stop to think about the effect that pornography has on your sexuality?

In a survey by Esquire, 43% of the surveyed men said they had difficulty getting or maintaining an erection for some time. The study further shows that unlike in time past when Erectile Dysfunction was a psychological problem caused by neurosis, it is now a problem caused mainly by pornography.

In reality, pornography Is Not Real

It exists only to entertain you and activate your sexual fantasies. You shouldn’t take the things you see in it seriously because they are often scripted and edited. All the moaning, the double penetrations, and instant erections are not the way sex works in real life.

The damage that it causes to relationships all over the world is hard to measure, but the damages it causes to young minds that see it is worse.

Because when you watch it, your brain begins to rewire itself into expecting impossible and unrealistic levels of ecstasy, stimulation, and excitement which makes your expectations from real sexual encounters out of balance.

Signs That Pornography Is Ruining You

  • You find pornography more intense and engaging than real sex.
  • Even though you can maintain an erection with your real-life partner, you can only reach orgasm by replaying clips of porn you have watched in your mind.
  • Basic pornography doesn’t satisfy you anymore, rather, you have an intense desire for the more extreme hardcore stuff.
  • Tiny flaws, blemishes or spots on your partner or any other beautiful girl turns you off sexually.

Watch the Great Porn Experiment

Take your time and analyze your sex life before and after you started consistently watching pornography. Because most men who have bothered to do the maths have realized that they are better off not watching porn.

The Hidden Costs Of Free Porn:

  • Stops you from pursuing to have real sex.
  • Spends a lot of time you could have used productively.
  • Re-wires your sexual brain center (making it harder to last in bed and have good erectile quality).
  • It twists your natural sexual attraction preferences.
  • Makes you less aware of your deep sexuality and arousal level.
  • Teaches you the wrong things to do when making love.
  • It wastes your sexual energy and stops you from succeeding.

Vibrating Love
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